Making progress

Well, I am making some progress. I have ‘filled in’ my outline for two chapters, and now need to sit down and weave it all together. I don’t normally use outlines, but instead ‘buckets’ of information where any related material to the bucket’s label gets put in there. However, this does not work so well for longer pieces – too many buckets! So here I am, with an outline. For some reason I find outlines somewhat restraining. It’s not like I will get a slap upside the head if I move things around, but I guess I still have that fear from catechism and Sister Teresa (aka Big Bird – her last name was Sparrow).
I don’t think writing would be so bad if there was not lit review. When the field began, they didn’t need to cite anyone. Wilson did not write”as noted by so and so”, or any of the early writers. I guess I was born too late….

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