ABD (All but dissertation)
I am finally in this group! I took my oral exam today and passed. I only began the exam in the beginning of February, but due to circumstances beyond my control (a shooting, administrative delays, and professor delays), I did not get a chance until now to complete it. I do not feel any different. George is in Brazil and I am alone out here, so there is no celebrating, congrats dinner, or anything else. I did go out to Anita’s pond for AFT’s end of semester BBQ, and as always, it was good. Other than that, no much going on here.
I am going to Youngmoa’s grad party tomorrow – I am happy to see that he is done and ready to enter the world. But that is not until the night, so I will work on my dissertation proposal during the day. i am hoping to get it completed within 2 weeks. Jerry leaves for his cabin at the end of June, and I really want to defend it before then. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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