The ‘new’ normal

Classes started up again this past week. The week before, all the faculty had training sessions where we discussed our concerns and thoughts on the matter, and were able to bounce around ideas on how we would approach classes on Monday. I have to say that I have been impressed with the students in my class. While they were all affected differently (some were friends of the victims, others where close to the building, etc.), they are all in different stages of the grieving process, I think with time, they will be okay.
I think we are slowly evolving into the ‘new’ normal, or so it has been called. Things will never be exactly as they were before, but with time, we will have a new culture at NIU. With classes only starting this week, students are still unsure if it is okay yet to joke around or say certain things. Like I said, it will take time, but only with time will things be okay.

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