End of semester fun!

Well, I made it through another semester. Finals week was a bit messed up with a Virginia-Tech style shooting threat, causing finals to be canceled on Monday. All is safe, but the university needed to be cautious. Anyways, instead of administering the final on Monday, it got moved to Friday. Some students took it in Wednesday, the rest on Friday. Since it was an essay test, it was a time consuming grading process, but I finished it up tonight! I am getting ready for the holidays now!
Last night, we had the Political Science Department happy hour at one of the Mexican Restaurants in town (Eduardo’s). A good time was had by all, and the Division of Public Administration put on a nice skit and a little sing-a-long. Tonight we are off to the Annex – cheep booze and an end of semester celebration night for the grad students. Let the festivities begin…
On another note, we got more snow today. Not as much as MA did (I am jealous), but 3-5 inches non the less. Of course we went for a walk in it, and I made the much needed snow angel (see below). I am looking forward to going home for a couple days, and I hope the weather holds out for us.


Other than that, I am back to getting ready for comps… we’ll see if I stay in the seat this time (I think I will… pretty confident about that). In addition, I am prepping my class for next semester. New preps are very time consuming, but I think I am almost done… I hope I am almost done!
Happy Holidays!

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