Bagel Bomb!

I spent last week in Massachusetts, visiting my parents and reading on the beach.  While overall the trip was relaxing (as much as it can be while preparing for comprehensive exams), one odd event happened.  I was bagel bombed!  Yup, you read it correctly – bagel bombed (aka being bombed with a bagel).  

The scene of the crime was in Bristol, RI.  The day before, I had picked up my cameras and lenses, and since they had been in storage for some time, the camera bags had seen better days.  So, in order for me to get them back it Illinois, I needed to buy a new camera bag.
Now, being a college student, I could not afford the nice deluxe bags at Ritz camera, or even best buy.  Luckily, I remembered a camera shop in downtown Bristol (where I use to get camera supplies when I was in College there) that sold used camera bags.  
So on my way from Seekonk to the camera store, I am chugging along in my rented Nissan Versa, going a whopping 20 MPH (which anyone who is use to driving from Warren to Bristol on Hope Street knows is pretty fast fro the amount of traffic there during the day).  When low and behold, I came to where the Warren River can be seen on the right, and where there is a little coffee shop, that sells bagels and other morning carbs. (As an aside, I have never been to this establishment because the windows are facing the street, not the water. Who thought of that set u?!?!?) 
Then it happened.
I hit my brakes (so I slowed down to 10MPH) and looked in the review mirror.
“What did I hit?” was my first thought.  My second was it there was damage to the car.  I didn’t get the Enterprise insurance package for an additional $20.00 per day (I am a college student).
In the road, the weapon.  Above, the culprit.
Rolling in the roll was a bagel.  A bagel!  
Above, a seagull.  
The gulls were at it again.
I know that in Swansea they were notorious for dropping shell fish onto the pavement at the boat ramp so they could get the goodies inside.  But a bagel?  They don’t need to drop that to enjoy.  Just eat the thing!
Anyways, I get to the camera shop, and look at the front passenger side of the hood.  I can see light scratches, and a circle impression. 
I hoped I would not be charged for that!  Who would believe I was bagel bombed?  I couldn’t believe I was.
Anyways, it all ended well.  I got a nice Tamrac backpack camera bag that hold all my equipment for $50.00, and since it rained in between the attack and when I returned the car, it was also a bit dirty to see the evidence of the bombing. 
So now I am back in DeKalb, reading and preparing (along with napping, bike riding, and walking).  All I know is that the enemy (the seagulls) are far enough away where they can’t bomb my car from here.  That is unless the are in cahoots with some of these Midwest critters!
Other news from the home front:
Jen and Jay are getting married in May.
My ex is getting married in October.
I saw my brother for his birthday – Happy Birthday Joe!
Jayden (my godson) turned 4 this week.  He’s getting big!
The beach has new sand on it (which I took a baggie filled back with me – don’t tell my dad)
A lot of homes for sale in the Grove (and I am not there to buy one!).
The same great guys can be found hanging at the bar on Friday afternoon as before.  I miss them!
The bakery is as good as ever!  I had a real cream Bismark this time.  MMMMM Good!
The traffic in Seekonk has improved with the new roads.  As they are repaving the Grove in Swansea.
Binky (my other cat) is lookin‘ good, but my plants have died.
Sitting in the beach watching the sunset with George is still a wonderful feeling!
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