Life chugs along!

I have heard from a couple friends back home this week – new jobs, new babies, new lead singer… and here I am, still doing homework. Not that that is a bad thing. I would rather do homework that have a child – my choice is much easier! There lives are changing, a lot, and my changes are dictated by semesters and the new book or article to read and the next paper to write. It just seems to get my attention, every once in a while, how different our (people’s) priorities are and the structure that our lives fall in. If it raising a family, where you are on the go daily, continually facing new challenges and always on the go, or if it is education, where I have my semester planned out (with some surprises popping up every now and then) and I can tell you, with a high level of certainty, what I will be doing most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until May – reading and writing. I guess to each there own, as long as they are happy with the choices they have made. All I know, is a friend of mine will go skiing for week, with out any books she has to reading or assignments hanging over her head – just there to have fun. I look forward to when I can do that again…
Well, I have to go – have a book to finish for tonight…

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