Going home!

Time is passing by rather quickly (I know it is passing by at the same intervals for everyone, just feels like it is going quickly to me). Class has been going well, and the midterm is tomorrow. I feel okay about it. No better, no worse. On the up side, the midterm means only four more weeks! And what a busy four weeks it will be.

Within that time, George and I will be moving to a new apartment(with a fireplace!), hosting a July 4th BBQ (looking forward to that), write a policy paper, jot down ideas for two other papers, a final, fly back to Massachusetts for a wedding and to spend time with family and friends, drive to Ohio for another wedding, and work. All in all, I guess it could be a lot worse, especially when I think of all the stuff I have gotten done since classes ended.

I am looking forward to going home on Wednesday. It will be my brother’s birthday, and we will be staying with him and his girlfriend at their new house near Boston. Then Thursday, we will be heading down to Taunton so I can see some friends at the high school and Career Center and then to a BBQ at Allan’s with other people who were in the MPA program I was in. That should be a good time. Friday, help my brother with stuff around the house. Saturday – a day with my parents. We’ll bring them out to eat, hang around and chat. I also need to pop over to my friend Carol’s house to see my godson and drop off his B-day gifts. Sunday the wedding, and Monday fly back to IL. Tuesday, class. So I guess I am chugging through!


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