Spring Semester All Done

It’s done! Spring semester, that is. I have been informed by a good friend that I have neglected to keep people updated the last month, and yes, it was due to school keeping me busy.

Let’s see… what has been going on, other than me reading and writing…

Trent and Sarah are the proud parents of a baby girl… we are all very happy for them. They will be great parents!

George is done with his classes as well, but will be teaching an online summer course, so we will be in South Bend for the initial class (the first one meets in person).

My Organizational Development class has a teambuilding exercise at Shabbona State Park – walked through part of a lake and everything (http://dnr.state.il.us/Lands/landmgt/PARKS/R1/SHABBONA.HTM). I really had a good time that day – even though my team didn’t win…

Casey’s parents and nephews drove up from Georgia, and George and I had dinner with them all. Very nice folks (Casey you have good kin!).

The weather went from warm and sunny, to hot and sunny, to cold and rainy (in the 30s today!). I know the farmers need the rain, but is the cold necessary?!?!?!

George and I went bike shopping last weekend and will pick it up today (but we won’t be going for a ride until the weather warms up again).

Soon, George and I – and a couple friends – will be going up to the upper peninsular (Michigan) for a couple days to relax. His brother has a cabin on a lake, near a bigger lake (Lake Superior) (http://www.16lakelodge.com/). I am looking forward to that.

Wow, I guess that’s it. Like I said, the majority of the time, I have been doing class work.

Well, that’s my update….

Talk to you later…


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