Soooo tired….

Wow…what an exhausting week! I have not had a nap since last Friday, have not gone running at all, and have only taken eating breaks. Why you may ask? Well, I have been keeping up on the homework throughout the semester, but all of a sudden, a paper was due (a rather detailed one) and all I had done was the research and a detailed outline. Normally, that is all I need, and then I spend a day linking it all together and the next re-reading it. But NOOO… not this one! Part of Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and a good chuck on today was spent on the paper. It is done now, and I am printing out all the copies that will be needed for class, but I am beat!

At least I am not still writing it. Some people I know are still working on it. I do not envy them! Hold on, let me get some of the papers from he printer……

Okay, I am back. I have stapled all the sheets and am ready to hit the road. Have a good one everyone!!!!

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