Getting into the groove…

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006, 8:39 am [General]

Time to get back into the groove of life. Work has started up again after my 2-week hiatus, and I am reviewing my stats stuff to get ready for intermediate stats class I am taking in the spring. Other than that, I have a couple books I want to read before classes start up again: The Constitution: A Biography, American Democracy by John Stewart, and Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, an Alan Alda biography. I have started the Alda book, and so far, so good. I have two weeks before classes start, and don’t think I will get through them all. I also have heard great reviews of The Tipping Point, so I may get that one and read it instead of the Constitution book – MUCH smaller! I can save the biography for the summer. Unfortunately, I will not be able to spend the summer reading on a beach, or anywhere near a beach for that matter! I guess I will need to get use to reading in the house, or at a park or something. Haven’t really figured that out yet.

George and I are talking about going on a short vacation in May, in-between the spring and summer semesters. We are looking at the south. My Aunt lives in Florida, and he has friends in Georgia, so maybe we can swing out that way and hit the beach. I have never not (double negative, ahhh!) been by the ocean in the summer…this may be my tipping point! Not being by the water doesn’t really hit me too much in the cold weather, although I am conscious about it, but the summer… We’ll see how it goes…

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