End of 2005

Here it is again. The end of another year, and has it been a busy year for me! If you have been reading the posts, you would know that I have moved, gone traveling, graduated, and started school again. My friends all seem to be doing well, and my family is chugging along. All and all, all is good.

Bucci was wonderful on his trip to and from MA! He didn’t get sick (well, one little spit up on the way to MA), he got use to the car, and after 2300 miles on the road, he started to explore the car! Took him long enough..I think he is comfortable enough now with traveling where he can go with me to George’s a couple weekends next semester. What a cat!

This time of year is known for New Year’s resolutions and such, but I don’t really do that – mainly because I don’t keep them. When you know you will not succeed, do not start! What I do do is try to add something good to my routine and remove something bad – but even then I am not always successful.

Good to add: Get back into exercising. I am use to it here now, and know where many things are – mainly the gym. I also have my treadmill – so I should use it. Classes shouldn’t bog me down as much as they did last semester – at least I hope not! So here is to being healthy!

Bad thing to stop: Weekly burgers! Okay, I am not going to stop eating burgers, just cut down on how often I eat them – maybe down to once a month, or every other week. This is going to have to be a slow process for me, so every other week for a while, until I can get it down to once a month. Wish me luck!

So that is my plan. At year’s end, I have gone through the apartment, organized, and even got my CDs in order. Music and podcast are in the ipod, and I am ready to run into this New Year! See ya all in 2006!!! Happy New Year!

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