Welcome, 2018!

It’s a new year and a new semester! An exciting part of my job is that the content I teach changes, depending on what is happening in society. This semester, I am teaching the gateway seminar course, Public Administration in Modern Society, for UNF’s MPA (masters of public administration) program. Last year’s class was interesting, … Continue reading Welcome, 2018!

Public data

We, the people, pay for the data that our government collects. That data can now be easily accessed due to the internet. Whereas researchers who study e-government/e-governance have been concerned with how to make the host of data (especially Big Data) that has been collected meaningful for the public, now we are sitting at our … Continue reading Public data

Social Movements and Trust

Source: Nicole Craine for The New York Times When people don't trust their government to act in a way that they feel is transparent, accountable, or in a manner that promotes the general welfare or public values, they can form together and let their feelings be known. Decreased levels of trust take the form of … Continue reading Social Movements and Trust