Are you ready?

Well, it is Friday before classes start during a pandemic. Needless to say, this semester’s preparation has been unique. This morning, I came across this Tweet on setting up your home office/classroom. Moreover, it was in a thread from the #ChronicleofHigherEducation article one what the ‘best practices’ are with regard to interacting with students … Continue reading Are you ready?

Governing through Covid-19

Well, let me start out by saying it is indeed a unique time. A unique and weighty time. We need to balance public health with economic viability. Education is going through a rightly-forced transformation, but without the empirical data to support whether the new all-online system will work for the majority of students. And while … Continue reading Governing through Covid-19

Transitioning to Online Teaching This is a video I recorded to encourage faculty to complete a survey so that we know more about what their needs are at this moment in time. No makeup, hair not done, definitely not business attire.... or even business casual! I had just completed an hour-walk to check on some constituent issues … Continue reading Transitioning to Online Teaching