Not Your Average Academic

While I hold a Ph.D. in Political Science, my focus is and always has been in administration – both in public and nonprofit organizations. This is why I also hold an MPA (Masters in Public Administration). Public and nonprofit organizations, when run well, promote a vibrant, healthy community for people to live their everyday lives. My goal is to move public and nonprofit organizations into the realm of operating well – be it through strategic planning, executive coaching, or motivational speaking. Together, we will enhance your organization’s position in the community.


I work with organization to help them reach their full potential.


I continually work to uncover a better understanding of how organizations can improve their performance.


While my goal is to help public and nonprofit organization, I cannot do it alone. I have the pleasure of teaching students st the University of North Florida who are also interested in helping public and nonprofit organizations reach their full potential.


Georgette had decades of experience working with public and nonprofit organizations, in addition to many years of formal education.

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